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How Can I Activate SSL for my VPS?


I have VPS Server from OVH. I want to change “http” to “https”. I have a wordpress website on my VPS, how can I do this. Please help.


The simplest form of change http to https is install a SSL certificate, change vhosts to indicate that the web uses https, and then in options of your Wordpress you have to indicate that your web is in https. You can see a padlock in the address bar like my website
To install a SSL certificate you can do it with Letsencrypt, because is free and they have tools to do is easy.


Scenario: a VPS under your control running (for example) Ubuntu 18.04, Apache2, and a website on port 80, currently running http. Now you want to install a SSL certificate and run the site with https.
Go to: In this site enter: My HTTP website is running ‘Ubuntu 18.04’ and ‘Apache’.
Steps: 1. SSH into your VPS, 2. add Certbot PPA, 3. install Certbot, 4. run Certbot et voila (you are done).
Your website now is running https with a auto-renewing SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt.


Instead of taking any risk just search it on google and you will see thousands of methods. Once I also search it on google and found very useful methods.