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How can you have a deadicated server as DC, Hyper-V joined to Host's (DC) Domain with OVH?



Hi, I’m really struggling with something that should be simple. I’m trying to have an OVH dedicated server as a DC (AD, DHCP, DNS) and a Hyper-V host, serving it’s VMs guests so they are all joined to the same domain with internet access.

Using this guide, I have:

  • NIC1 (One I Remote Desktop on with)
  • NIC2 (Failover IP is assigned to as in article)(Later I added a secondary IPv4 in the 10.0.0 range)
  • Hyper-v NIC Adapter Static Virtual MAC applied (as in article)
  • In the VM, I set the IP to the same as Failover IP (as in article)(Later I added a secondary IPv4 in the 10.0.0 range as well as a second DNS and Gateway of the hosts 10.0.0. address, trying to match the Host network)

The standard set up and my changes both allowed me to have 1 VM so it can access the internet, but it won’t join the Hosts domain. I have 2 more VM’s to link up after I get this working on the Domain I setup.

I want the VM’s to be on a 10.0.0. range, accessible via the internet to use IIS on (I can point the “internet’s” DNS to the external IP I RPD with when required).
I’ve noticed the subnet is, so I changed this to (in allow more than it’s own device on the network, but tried with both)
I added the secondary IPv4 address above after a standard setup with the article and it wasn’t working as was. (because the sever cant see the HOSTs DNS to get the Domain I believe, hence I added the second DNS entry).

I’ve set a separate environment up no problem on just dedicated servers, just struggling with Hyper-v.

I tried adding the Virtual Switches as this article but made no difference

Is this possible with OVH? Does anyone have a similar setup and working with the dedicated server as a DC and Hyper-v host?

Many thanks in advance.