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How do you guys work with OVH without any working contacts?


Guys, who have good experience with OVH, could you share any contacts from support (actually - any region)?

LT office - dead
IE office - not responding
PL office phones - not responding. Actually, a guy, I assume, accidentally, picked up a phone, and once I started speak English, dropped the line, and no answer any more...

Manager support ticket - have not been touched.

CA office...
I managed to phone CA office, where guys were still responding, but unfortunately I was informed, that my account is managed by PL office, and they cannot help.

PL office ignoring my support requests for 10 months, pay by credit card option on invoice removed, transferred money to OVH bank account, no signs of reception.

Twitter support (EN) - dead for a couple of months. All OVH people recommend filling ticket, which is no use. No responses.

How do you guys work with OVH? All this DC monster just for fun and sandboxing, test projects?