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How long does manual payment checking take?


How long does the “We check your payment manually” take to process? I paid through paypal an it’s past the “Delivered in 120s”.



This can depend on the validation which is taking place. If this is still ongoing please can you Private Message me your order number and I will be able to check this further for you?



Hi Anthony, same issue as mine. I thought it will take just a few minutes. My order number is 95519428


Hi AnthonyR,
I have the same issue. I paid via paypal 3 days ago with order number 95760098.
I did not think Ovh company has such support for your customers. I’m sorry but it’s needed to increase the number of your agents. I wanted to cancel the order and buy from another company but i could not cancel and my money is hold on in paypal.
please check my order faster.
thanks in advance


I opened 2 support tickets over 5 days ago 0 responses yet. Starting to think whether OVH deserves our money. I`m with and they provide the worst customer support.


Same issue! fourth day i see “We check your payment manually”

Order Number: 107585886
AnthonyR, can you help?


Hey i got the same issue i purchased a vps over 20 minutes roughly and still hasnt been validated please help. Order Number: 110667780 @AnthonyR


I have the same problem,
I can’t use the service please check the payment or refund me the money thank you.
Order No. 112220648



Same :frowning: Order number: 113542262


It’s happened to me again!
I’ve already paid for 3 months but is says validation again and the service is interrupted. If I try to put automatic payment it doesn’t allow me so I have to do it manual which is not very convenient cause my service get suspended.

Could you please @AnthonyR kindly validate my payment again as I need my vps back?

Many thanks!

Payment order #113815316


I have been almost waiting for a week! Can @AnthonyR check my ORDER 113678139


@AnthonyR can you check mine too 114828284 in the shop says 120sec . But i am waiting 1day
This is the 24/7 support?


@AnthonyR Paid 12 months in advance for a dedicated server and it still says validating after 24 hours. Tried calling the phone line to ask about this and after 30 minutes on hold, I got opposite end hangup. Could this be looked at ASAP.

Order Number: 114929483