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How long does provisioning take?



I just bought a cloud hosting server and received an email for my new account registration, and an email from signing in to my control panel. That’s it. My bank tells me that the payment has been made, but I have not received any further confirmation from OVH (I don’t have an order number or anything).

My control panel tells me that I have no bills, and also tells me that I have no cards on the account. Am I missing something?



Managed to find some record that the order exists. Turns out it’s hidden in MyOVH > Add Tile > Orders In Progress. Would have expected it to be a bit more obvious, but hey ho.


I am in the same situation
How long did it take finally?


It was provisioned on Monday morning. The team don’t work on weekends so I had to wait a few days there. Giving their sales team a call during working hours is a good idea if you’re still waiting.