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How to backup an image for quick restoration?


Hi. I’m looking into a dedicated server but it’s important that I can create an image or some kind of backup to easily restore the state of my server so in the event of a failure or if I need another server I don’t need to redo all the setup procedures. How do I do that with a dedicated server?


Hello @VianE

OVH provides an FTP space for backups that you can configure with a bash script or if you install a control panel, in the configuration of that control panel to make backups in that backup space

Otherwise, turn to your closest & trusted SysAdmin so that you can configure backup copies in spaces such as Onedrive, Google Drive, an Amazon Bucket or a personalized professional service for such purposes

Take into account that the servers that you buy from OVH are unmanaged, OVH is not responsible for this nor does it support software

Carlos Frias