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How to check where your VPS is hosted in strasbourg datacenter


How can I check today in wich part of strasbourg datacenter my vps are/were hosted (sg1,sg2,sg3 or sg4)
I want to know if all my data is destroyed or not… :confused: and they’re not in the panel anymore.


You can check it on your server details at the main page


I’m asking this here because there are not present in my panel anymore, I cannot access server details in my panel (because of the incident). There used to be a list of all vps name per datacenter and cluster inside OVH maintenance website but seems to not exist anymore.


I went back to my original emails of the server being commisioned. It says at the bottom of the attached PDF which datacenter the server is in. Mine was SG1.


Hum… pdf attached in the mail ? You mean the one when the VPS is setup with servername ip login ? Can’t find any pdf or more information in my emails :frowning:


Mine was for dedicated so it may be different, but the email was labeled with subject ‘Server no.xxxx has been installed’ and had a PDF attachement.


Same situation here. No PDF attached on the installation email. I can still access my invoices and contracts, but I can’t find any place to see wether my VPS was in SBG2 or not.
Is there any way to check by IP or host name?

I can deal with the disaster, I just need too know if that’s the case or not to start building a new server or just wait.

Thank you!


My VPS is offline. I can’t see any VPS data in the manager as well. I think it was in Roubaix so it should NOT have been impacted! Are all the VPS down?


When I login to my manager dashboard and choose Bare Metal Cloud and then from the left hand side menu choose Virtual Private Servers, I see all my servers. When I click the server name, I can see the location. In my case it is SGB1, but I am uncertain, is it in destroyed part or not.

Where do I know if my server in SGB1 is destroyed or OK?

Going that path, my server is not listed. It just doesn’t appear. I see others listed because they are at GRA, but not the affected one :-/


So you can see your other VPS but not the ones that were affected? Which means that if they don’t appear we are doomed?


It may be, but I’m not sure. SBG1 is destroyed only partially, SBG3 and SBG4 are safe but are currently disconnected. I just need to know where is my VPS to understand if I have to start building another one or just wait for reconnection.


Same problem here but with Public Cloud. I can see on the invoices that they are in SBG3 and SBG5 but I don’t know if the openstack regions match exactly with real data centers. For example, I don’t know if SBG5 really exists or it is just a virtual region implemented over other real datacenters.


Please my server has not opened for two days due to fire incident but I received notification it will open 11: 30 am today and until now no connection. Please treat urgent thanks


where do you see that in the invoice? In my VPS invoices i don’t see anything about the region


Why nobody from OVH explains how to know where the VPS was located?
Following these instructions will NOT work. My VPS is not even listed. I need to know in order to wait or to start a new one.


Well, mine appears listed today and I can see its details. It’s not online, I can’t ping it, but it’s located in a zone called “Region OpenStack: os-sbg6”.
I though there was only SBG1, 2, 3 and 4. Can I understand that this VPS is safe and it come back online at some moment soon?


os-sbg6 is in SGB3, you are safe.

Check the FAQ.


thank you!!


How know in witch rack are a VPS on os-sbg6?