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How to choose the wig size?


Human hair lace wigs are no longer the preserve of people with hair disorders but are now a necessity. Maybe a friend or neighbor has a lace wig, but you just didn’t know it. Yes, wigs can be so natural, and they can be a great expression of your beauty. Lace wigs have become a fashion trend, so don’t hesitate to buy the kind of wigs you like.

But not everyone feels comfortable wearing a full lace wig. The degree of naturalness of a wig may be related to the material, size, type of wig, and other factors. One of the most important things is the size of your human lace wigs. Wigs that are too big or too small don’t fit you.

They don’t make you beautiful, they make you awkward. So when buying real hair wig, it’s important to buy the right hat size for your head.
A proper full lace wig cap will enhance the natural look, and a wrong wig will make your wig more awkward to install. This blog will provide information on how to choose the right wig cap when deciding to buy a wig, and how to do it if your wig is too small.
Choose the right human hair lace wig size

To find a wig that fits your size, first, you need to know the size of human hair wigs needs to wear. If you don’t know the size of your wig, just use a soft tape measure. Using a ruler to measure the circumference of your head, starting at the nape of your neck and ending at the hairline.
Measure the head with tape. Place one end of the tape at a point on your head, then wrap the tape around the hairline and around your head until it coincides with the tape. Then write down the circumference of your head. This number should be the correct head size, and your choice should be based on the number you measure.

Expert tip: To ensure that your measurements are accurate, try to measure at least 3 times to make sure your Numbers are consistent.
Once you know the size of your head, you can determine the size of your full lace human hair wigs. Wigs are generally divided into small, general and large size, the size of each wig brand will be different, it may be a small size of a wig brand, but the medium size of another brand. the size of Supernovahair are standard, you can rest assured to buy.
Note: If you use a different wig size chart than the one provided here, be sure the size chart you are looking at online is for circumference since that is what you will have measured if you used the above tip. For example, some size charts offer ear-to-ear sizes, not circumference.
What should you do if you receive a wig but it’s too small?

After receiving the wig you purchased, if you feel that the wig you received is too small for your head, do not modify or use glue. You should immediately contact your wig supplier for a replacement and give you a larger lace wig.
If you don’t want to change other hair wig, or if you want to solve this problem, there are two ways to do it.
If you have purchased a real hair wig with adjustable elastic straps, the elastic can be adjusted to make a wig suitable for your head.
If the adjustable elastic still doesn’t work, you can extend the wig cap by:
(1) Pull out the tape and cut it in half, making sure the ends are gripped. That way, even if they bounce back inside, they don’t lose them.
(2) Measure a piece of your width using an extra stretch of the band and then add and cut so that it matches the width of the built-in hair band. You’re going to reconnect the two that need to slide in the slit band and match the back easily.
(3) Sew the cut belt to be added in the middle of the built-in lace wig band to reunite them. Do this on both sides of black women’s full lace wigs.
(4) When sewn, the tape is tied into a cheap 613 hair of lace, and the baby’s hair is left behind.

The wigs provided by Supernovahair are standard size and our photos are real. When you buy wigs, if you have any questions can contact us, you can find a suitable wig for you. We have an after-sales service policy. If your wig size is not appropriate, we will not affect the use of the situation for you to provide return service. Trust me, buy it. You can find your best wig at cheap hair websites.