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How to configure DKIM record DNS in OVH panel?


I have an OVH email pro service. My domains are parked with OVH and domain setup is simple (automatic).
But this auto-configuration did not add the DKIM record for my domain. As a result, some mail servers mark my messages as SPAM.
How to add this DKIM record?


Hello, the dkim is now available.

An administrator has published the process to activate it from now on via the api (it will be necessary to wait a little more for it to be available directly from the manager)


1) Retrieve the selectors related to the domain:{organizationName}/service/{exchangeService}/domain/{domainName}/dkim~GET


  • ovhexXXXXXX-selector1"
  • ovhexXXXXXX-selector2

2) Create the DNS fields for the selector of your choice:{organizationName}/service/{exchangeService}/domain/{domainName}/dkim~POST1
(don’t forget to check the “configure DKIM” box if your domain is with OVH)

3) Check that the fields are modified:{organizationName}/service/{exchangeService}/domain/{domainName}/dkim/{selectorName}~GET2

If you see "status : waitingRecord while the DNS fields are present in the zone, it means that the robot has not yet passed to check the DNS fields: try again in 5 minutes.

If you see "Status : Ready" it's perfect, we can activate the DKIM !

4) Activate DKIM!{organizationName}/service/{exchangeService}/domain/{domainName}/dkim/{selectorName}/enable~POST1

The task will be in todo and will be finalised fairly quickly.

5) Check the DKIM status one last time:{organizationName}/service/{exchangeService}/domain/{domainName}/dkimSelector~GET

It is normally in “InProduction” status!

Congratulations, you can now send an e-mail from the mail offer attached to your domain!