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How to configure OVH DNS with external VPS? (Hetzener server)



Hi everyone,
I do have a VPS server outside OVH and a domain name registered in OVH.
I want OVH to manage DNS so I didn’t configure anything in the VPS provider, Hetzner, who gives me just a warning saying that I’m not usinge their name servers.
In OVH I did set the two suggested DNS Servers pointing to the VPS IP.
Moreover a created a DNS Zone with a A domain pointing to my VPS IP.
If I check on WHOIS my domaniname I get OVH nameserver but not the VPS IP
When I try to reach domaniname on my browser I get ERR_TUNNEL_CONNECTION_FAILED
But I can reach portainer on VPSIP:port.
What am I doing wrong?
THANKS for your help