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How to install external plugin in Wordpress hosted on OVH?



I am sorry if my question seem to be very rookie. I am very much of a beginner.

I’d like to create my own page. I have installed Wordpress on my OVL cloud. Standard Wordpress plugins are available and I use them. But now I would like to use a PRO version of some plugin. But in that case, once I pay I will receive a link to PRO version plugin. I need to install it on my Wordpress. The question is how. So far the only way I know on how to install plugins is to get them from Wordpress plugins store. I have no clue how manual installation shall be performed. Anyone can help?


Hello @MichalS4,

I invite you to communicate your domain name, the hosting offer you have as well as the concerned plugin so that the community can answer you as well as possible.




Sorry for late answer. It is my 3rd attempt to post the answer and so far none of them has been published. I do not know why.

To the point. I host domain on OVH cloud. I used preinstalled by OVH Wordpress. I would like to use plugin called Perspective 3D Carousel PRO ( it turns out I need PRO version to fulfill my expectations). According to plugin author ( once I purchase the plugin I receive the link to download the plugin and install it in Wordpress plugin directory.

And here is the problem. I have no clue how I can get to this directory on my Wordpress in OVH cloud. What I now how to use is Wordpress cockpit, from where I can only install plugins using Wordpress plugin store. I have no clue how I can install something directly in any directory.

Anyone could help?





Finally I received an answer from the support. They told me about ftp access (I didn’t realize I had it) and it have worked. So I can say I can close the case.





Thank you for your feedback,

Have a nice day,