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How to link a domain name with a VPS?



I have a VPS in ovh and registered a domain name with another company.
How can I link this domain name with my server?
OVH only gives me 2 IPs (v4 and v6) but the other company asks me to provide them with 2 nameservers from ovh.
Does anyone knows of these 2 servers?
And even if I get these 2 servers shouldn’t I put somewhere the matching between my server’s IP and the domain name? I suppose I should submit this info in these two nameservers but how, since I have no access to them?

Thanks in advance


Open DNS settings and there you have to change A record pointing to your VPS public ip (ipv4) adress. You have to wait some time mostly 8-12h.


You should just have to update the A record for your domain name to point to the IP address of your VPS. It can take up to 24 hours depending on the TTL (time-to-live) setting for DNS records to update.


As k3rnel says,

However if your registrar does not let you do this for some bizarre reason, try using Cloudflare, and use their 2 nameservers. From this, you can set the A record.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: