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How to OVH Firewall and VPN


I have a OpenVPN Server running on a OVH VPS and can not conect, as soon as the firewall is activated. Port rules are defined for the used udp port on vpn and the ssh still works. What I am doing wrong from there on?
I appreciate your help!


I have added the Log file and it states a TLS handshake error. I’ have been searching many threads on different forums via google serarch, and the solution seems to be just the right rule. What am I missing, since the firewall should be configured right?


seems i have the same problem - any solution ?


I have the same kind of trouble but I see that you have not received any answer yet.

Did you change service supplier?


the network firewall seems to be not complete the refuse rule ipv4 is missing as priority 19 rule.

so in this case your open vpn should work. This error TLS handshake seems to be configuration issue.

steps you can do in order to reproduce the error.

1- turn off firewall services like ufw/iptables
2- disable any services that might cause issue with vpn
3- restart openvpn service.

try again.