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How to reactivate API credentials and keep them active for longer?



I registered an API access at to allow Let’sEncrypt to automatically renew DNS based wildcard certificates. However that access has stopped working, seemingly out of the blue.

Using /me/api/credential/{credentialid} I can get the following information out:

  "rules": [
      "method": "GET",
      "path": "/domain/zone/*"
      "path": "/domain/zone/*",
      "method": "POST"
      "path": "/domain/zone/*",
      "method": "PUT"
      "path": "/domain/zone/*/record/*",
      "method": "DELETE"
  "status": "validated",
  "applicationId": 71333,
  "credentialId": 460480972,
  "ovhSupport": false,
  "creation": "2019-02-18T00:52:43+01:00",
  "lastUse": null,
  "expiration": "2019-02-19T00:52:43+01:00"

From that it looks like the API access was only valid for a single day when I created it.
So my question is, how can I reactivate it and keep it active for longer (optimally indefinitely)?

Thanks in advance

PS: If this is the wrong forum feel free to move me around. I was directed here by regular OVH email support who said this question was out of scope.


Hi , I have exactly the same question as Andreas, the credentials for my App have expired how to renew it?


Same question! Any recommended approach? Thanks