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Hubic issues downloading files and backup archives


I have exactly the same problems.
90% of my backups failed.
Impossible to download multiple files from synchronized files, zip file corrupted.
Download small files one by one is still OK, but big ones never completes.

I’ve sent an email to, but as for everybody, NO ANSWER !
I’ve also opened an OVH ticket, but support does not wants to help me.
Even if Hubic “General Conditions” says:
OVH is committed to taking all the care and diligence necessary to providing a quality Service, conforming to the customary professional practices and the state of the art.

Please, it is a payed service!!



Hi.laure i just have a question do u know if hubic Is still sending request for new passwords i request Many times never arrived


Impossible to download all the files I backed in Hubic. I tried with the web browser and with Cyberduck. I have 2 To of important files to download. I’ve sent an email but I don’t have any answer. @AnthonyR can you help me please?


@DidierB1 I am waiting for an answer on my email since I wrote this post.
Still did not get one. Unfortunately Hubic became a paid service without customer care assistance.



I’m afraid that OVH Community only has very limited access to the HUBIC system, so for any technical assistance, you would need to direct your question to

Many thanks.


simply Hubic became a service nobody can rely on


I’m having problems too. I uploaded my family pictures and office documents to Hubic because they promised to take care of the files in three different locations.

I think if they don’t fix the issue, we should sue them in group.


Same issue here … I can’t reach no more my files … it’s very upset.
I want sue them and getting refound, first of all for the first billing and then for the material damage in having lost data.
In the next few days I report everything to the police post and italy consob.
I had already written to the address provided but nothing.


Hi Mr. Russo,

I apologize for the time limit for your response.

First of all, we thank you for choosing our HubiC service range to meet your needs.

To answer your request regarding your malfunction, we are currently performing a maintenance task.
I invite you to follow the evolution of the incident using the link below:

The source of these synchronization errors comes from the fact that a file indexing error has crept into our infrastructure.

As you have been informed, an incident has been opened and active work is underway to stabilize the situation.
Since we have several petabytes of data to process, several billion objects to inspect individually and several hundred physical disks to examine, we cannot provide you with a resolution date.

However, you should know that we are just as anxious as you are to put an end to this uncomfortable situation and are doing everything we can to resolve it.

You can also use Cyberduck.

I am sending you the complete procedure for using Cyberduck with a Hubic account.

Get the latest version of cyberduck here :

Once cyberduck is installed, close it. Then go to the following page :

  • https:// trac. cyberduck. io/wiki/help/en/howto/hubic

On this page click on “hubiC Cyberduck Connection Profile”, this downloads a file, place it on your desktop.

Then double-click on this file, it starts the Cyberduck application.

In the Email section, enter your connection hubiC email address and close the small window by clicking on the red cross at the top right.

Then double-click on the hubiC hard disk in the Cyberduck application where the email address of your account is indicated.

This opens a web page, connect to your hubiC account this way.

Once connected you get a list of numbers and letters, copy this authorization code, return to your cyberduck application and paste the code in the “Authorization code” section, then click on Login.

You are now connected.

Here you can delete your synchronized files in the “default” section by clicking on the small arrow to scroll down the tree structure, you can also delete your backups.

Under no circumstances remove the “default” or “default_segments” part or your hubiC account will be unusable.

I remain at your disposal for further information.
Best Regards,

Hubic on line storage - files download problems

Ciao Tiziano, é un vero macello, ti ho incollato la risposta che ho ottenuto da hubic pochi giorni fa.
Sto cercando di recuperare i files, ma sembra un’impresa impossibile. Ed é assurdo perché servizi piú economici di Hubic funzionano regolarmente, mentre questo a pagamento no.
Ero convinto che essendo gestito su suolo europeo avrebbe dato piú garanzie, e invece…


Ciao Carmine! Grazie mille per la risposta ora provo a seguire le istruzioni!
Provo a recuperare quello che si riesce poi chiudo tutto e li segnalo alle autorità preposte… non puoi offrire un servizio così importante e farlo in maniera così scadente


did you manage to get your files back. I am also experiencing corruption of my files on HUBic


did you recover your corrupted files?


As you can see here (see the link) , they have huge problems with files and archives, and they did not sort out the problem yet.

You can use the instruction they gave me (see my reply above) and try to retieve your files, but I think it’s the same method I used to get mine and it did not work.
I don’t know if they are going to fix the issues or not. I think that the problem is bigger than they expected (also because it affects all the archives of Hubic).

Honestly I don’t know what to do.


Hello guy! So I had the same problem, I tried the cyberduck, in order to move all the files and when there was an error I simply clicked on skip, but it does not have that option … After searching a lot I found “NetDrive3” he creates a partition in windows explorer with all its native functions. Then move all the files to another folder, leaving only the files with error, less files to solve now … kkkkk.


i emailed them and they just say they are working on it.

the 30% progress bar has not moved.


has anyone had any luck in getting to their files. The progress bar is still at 30%


no, unfortunately


there has been a update

Comment by OVH - Thursday, 11 October 2018, 11:01AM
L’extension du cluster a été mise en production. La conversion des data en mode LoSF est en cours (


I have the same problem, can not download from hubic and cyberduck does not work either
Sometimes they respond to my mail, always with the same text: we are very hard bizzy solving the problem. I have written a letter to Service Legal in Roubaix to ask if i could get back my money (i pay 52 euro a year) and a free admission (i have to renew in november ) till the moment the problems are solved( if ever) . If i do not renew i lose my files anyway. The letter is recently send , so i do not have an answer. Does any of you have experience with the payment

H. v.Oosten