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Hubic issues downloading files and backup archives


I have the same doubt about the renewal of the service: I paid for something that did not work for a half of the time. They should give us the chance to get back our files.
I will send them the same letter.


Its time someone took Hubric to court to seek compensation for the Horror Hubic Show service. I cannot retireve my files…Im looking into a European Law suit against this God Damn awful company…These charletons offer no professional service either with support or physical service. I would imagine 80% of customers lose much of thier data because they cannot retireve the data. My lawyer told me that it is likely HUBRIC WILL SHUT DOWN as many law suits are being filed against them…and then what happens to our data…? Huge problem with the French twats


i have losted all my data. They asked me write a letter to them to complain. They will not accept any communication apart from paper based letter. They are basically holding your data to ransom. You must renew your membership to even have a glimmer of hope in getting it back. I have accepted my lost!


Just wanted to let you guys know that I’m having the same issues. I lost all my data and now I find it impossible to download my 2 TB worth of back-ups. With cyberduck I can somehow only download very small files, so the majority of my files seems to remain out of reach. I have sent multiple emails over the past two months, in French and in English, but to no avail. The next step will be to write a formal letter and if that does not help I will inform the ‘Centre Européen des Consommateurs France’.


yeah, I think it’s the only way.
Nobody seriously replied to this conversation, nobody seem to really care.
I renewed my subscription during christmas time, but it’s the last time. During this year I will start a formal action against hubic and ovh. It’s a nonsense what they did and I think they are violating basic customer rights.


A month ago I sent them a registered letter, but I did not get an answer. Today I contacted the European Consumer Centre and I will await their advice.


let us know. I am thinking to write to them too