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Hubic on line storage - files download problems


Good evening. I have been a hub user for more than 4 years. I’m facing problems when I try to download my back ups to a new pc. Not all files are being downloaded for every back up file. The same problem appears in synchronizing my files. Not all files are synchronizing per folder. Many files are unable to download to my new pc. The total size of my files (backup & sync files) is reaching the 130Gb. It is very important to have all my files downloaded. Waiting for your response. My hubic account is
Probably this is not the correct forum but please guide me to post my ticket to the correct help desk.
Thank you
Michael Mavroudis


Hi Michael,

If you can submit your request to, they’ll be able to verify your account and assist further with the issue you’re having with the downloads.

Many thanks.


I have the same problem, can not download from hubic and cyberduck does not work either
Sometimes they respond to my mail, always with the same text: we are very hard bizzy solving the problem. I have written a letter to Service Legal in Roubaix to ask if i could get back my money (i pay 52 euro a year) and a free admission (i have to renew in november ) till the moment the problems are solved( if ever) . If i do not renew i lose my files anyway. The letter is recently send , so i do not have an answer. Does any of you have experience with the payment

H. v.Oosten


Same issue here. My disk crashed and now I want to return my files from my HubiC payed account, I get an incomplete restore. No reply from Around 20% of all my photo’s and video’s (including the birth of my children) are gone now. Is there please somebody who can help?


all explained here: