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Hubic subscription renewal



I have receive the following email from OVH,
in order to pay for hubic service.

I am willing to pay but I still facing some serious problems with my files hosted on hubic cloud.
The problem is that the files are corrupt and I cannot download them.
After many many tickets the problem still exists.

Please advise why I should pay since I lost my files.
And still no resolution…
Thank you in advance.
Michael M.

Date: Sat, May 16, 2020, 9:08 AM
Subject: [] Pending payment for your hubiC bill
To: <>

My life, my data, my hubiC

Dear Customer,

Unless there has been an error on our part, the HUBICEU889310 bill corresponding to your hubiC service is still pending payment.

If you have a payment card registered on your account, it may no longer be valid. If this is the case, please update your payment details accordingly. We will then take the bill payment automatically.

If you do not have a registered payment method, please pay your bill manually via the following link

Thank you for choosing hubiC.
The hubiC team
hubiC team