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I cannot make email address


Hi ya,

I have domain already about week time and I have chosen 10mb free web hosting and I can’t create email address on that domain. Option is disabled.
Could you help me with my problem please?


I have the same issue


Do you have a solution to this problem?



Same issue here :cold_sweat:


Same issue. I subscribed to OVH because they are the only ones offering free email address…


I am facing the same issue, email disabled. I contacted support and they send me the same information available on the knowledge base. But they failed to realize that this is not working now.

Now I send again a message with link to this discussion, let see if they finally fix or not.


same problem here, as I see they are not answering I’m trying to set up a mail server on my own


After writing to the support team (Im using OVH Portugal) few times they activated the email now.


Hello there i have the same issue i wanna create email for my recent domains and it warns me with yello you can not create email any solution?


same here. annoying


Same here, what is the problem / what is the solution ?


Hello to all,

Below you will find our guide on how to activate the start10m. (Allowing the creation of the free e-mail).



Are they even allow to use email on free 10mb hosting? And if you got free email how would you use because email also need memory and what you do when you have to share 10mb with website content and email too. Lol.


How can I create my own website Email Address using OVH Hosting, I need brand email for my webpage…!!! The other question is also that does OvH allows or not…


Does you get the answer I’m still facing the same issue if you any solution then please let me know too I wanna Ask the answer. Thanks in Advance…