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I cannot make email address


Hi ya,

I have domain already about week time and I have chosen 10mb free web hosting and I can’t create email address on that domain. Option is disabled.
Could you help me with my problem please?


I have the same issue


Do you have a solution to this problem?



Same issue here :cold_sweat:


Same issue. I subscribed to OVH because they are the only ones offering free email address…


I am facing the same issue, email disabled. I contacted support and they send me the same information available on the knowledge base. But they failed to realize that this is not working now.

Now I send again a message with link to this discussion, let see if they finally fix or not.


same problem here, as I see they are not answering I’m trying to set up a mail server on my own


After writing to the support team (Im using OVH Portugal) few times they activated the email now.


Hello there i have the same issue i wanna create email for my recent domains and it warns me with yello you can not create email any solution?