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I got no email after paying?



Hello guys,

Yesterday I rented Dedicated server game 32, I was in rush but I saw it only takes 120 sec to set up so I said why not paying since this company has its reputation.

After I tried to pay with Paypal 84$ they rejected the payment and detained my account, I didn’t see that since they sent an email “If you wish to receive your order, we recommend that you make your payment using another method by going to this page”

So I picked my credit card and paid the invoice, then I waited for an email for confirmation… and nothing came then logged in the control panel, nothing were there too, so I said maybe there is a mistake, then I called my bank to check, and it was really paid and all set, then after 12 hours I got an email they asking me for Documents, I thought like why ? and they asking for bills and colored ID, and all that delay after it was announce 120 sec for setup !!!

So I replied with thanks and I need a refund since I didn’t get the service yet and my money is pending. now 24 hours since I asked for a refund but I heard nothing from them ? After this poor support I totally don’t want to keep with them, in the future when they make the customer support better I may comeback and try because I really care for immediate support when something happened to my servers.

anybody knows how to contact them directly ? other than calling

sorry for the long topic…

Tried to call them but I couldn’t I don’t live in CA or USA.


Now I’m trying to call I found a way, but no one answering!! 24/7/365 support huh