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I received an information about automatic renew of email redirects


I have received an email from ovh, it says that i will have a bill soon, about email redirects.
I have had earlier no information, that redirects are billed.

If i do not use redirects on email, then i do not need to pay this bill, right.

I would also want to know how much email directs cost a year or month.

I only have domains with email directs, i have no email service.



I have now cancelled all my email directs, can i now use service without “email redirect” bill.
I want to make a note to OVH.
This is to the law, i have troubles to reach the OVH staff, i write this following here.
If my new bill will be more than 15 euros, a month, i then cancel all the services that cause the bill.
I will send similiar message to ovh staff to ireland.
This was to law, i have canceled my services with OVH, if my oncomming bill will be more than 15 euros a month.


Thank you so much for this information, it is very helpful for us.