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Ideal hardware for hosting KVM VPSs with Virtualizor


I have the following VPSs hosted elsewhere. They run on KVM:

Server1: 4VPU, 8RAM, 265HDD
Server2: 3VPU, 4RAM, 140HDD
Server3: 4VPU, 6RAM, 265HDD
Server4: 8VPU, 16RAM, 600HDD
Server5: 8VPU, 16RAM, 600HDD

I’m planing to rent a dedicated (bare metal) server and use Virtualizor to host those 5 VPSs. What would be the minimum and the ideal hardware to host them on a bare metal server using Virtualizor? Will I need 27 Cores, 50GB RAM and 1870GB HDD for hosting the 5 VPSs?

Any suggestion for a DEDICATED bare metal server to host those 5 KVM VPSs using virtualizor?



Hola, Hi @FernandoB1

You need to buy the infrastructure server, infra 4. It works perfectly for you if it goes according to your budget. Also, I recommend you select NVMe SSD disks (for a difference of $0 you have at least 2TB NVMe SSD and depending on the raid configuration)

This server has 48 cores, 96G of ram memory and therefore the aforementioned disk capacity without price difference, customizable to your liking if you need more capacity (only in the purchase process)

Link of the recommended server

I hope I have helped or clarified

Carlos Frias (SysAdmin)