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IPv4 not changeing and not getting any help from ovh hosting


first of all. am not a coder - at all.
am trying to get our non-profit a https but nope.
I’ve done it successfully before but not happening now.
Ovh hosting is of no help.
I got the: To complete your order, please change the information on both name servers for your domain to redirect traffic to SSL Gateway within 3 days. (that is a google translation, as original language is finnish, and i don’t speak that… tech-language)
-> i did the rerouting and my IPv6 changed but not IPv4. nothing works :smiley: website not accessible whoop whoop. Emails… i can send but not receive.

Please… am losing it. this is impossible.


I’ve had the same problem, look what the say:

“SSL Gateway combines security and simplicity. OVH configures and deploys your solution in a few minutes and a matter of clicks. Your certificate is renewed automatically to ensure it is always valid. You don’t have to do a thing! OVH’s website security expertise guarantees you the best level of security at all times, adapted to your needs and based on the current standards.”

I’m 3 days now with our website (online store) out of air, and the OVH Support only says to read the guides and documentation.


Mam ten sam problem, jak ktoś go rozwiązał to proszę o informację