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IPv6 subnet/extra IPv6 IPs on cloud instances/VPS


Good day,

Where/how can we petition for better IPv6 support on these instances?

They only have a single IPv6 IP, and I need more per instance. I can have up to 7 IPv4s but I’m looking/needing for IPv6 IPs ;(
)Same trouble with the 2016 VPss, while the previous generation I recall had a full /64)


A /64 per customer/server is a must!


Yeah, my IPv6 address is constantly blocked at Spamhaus due to chronic abuse from the OVH network. The OVH staff seem reluctant to find the source of the SPAM, so this leaves me with a degraded service as Spamhaus block in /64’s only. They do not block individual /128’s.


I have 17 (!) IPv4 addresses on my VPS instance but only 1 (!) IPv6 address in a shared /64 subnet.
Considering the fact, that IPv4 addresses are very rare on the one hand and the minimum of an IPv6 allocation is a /64 subnet and IPv6 addresses are fare numerous than sand at the beach on the other hand, I cannot understand this policy.

+1 for real IPv6 support.


Hello all,

We understand the inconveniences caused by this and we have raised this with the relevant department to review. Rest assured we will consider changing our IPv6 service on Public Cloud and VPS.

For now this is with the relevant department to continue exploring our options and how we can improve on providing better service to our customers.

Unfortunately, at the moment we do not have an ETA on this subject, but we do our best to speed things up.


Thanks for that response @AdamO, and I hope they also provide beter IPv6 support on the vRacks and dedicated servers in the same breath :wink:


12months later, any progress @AdamO ??


and 36 months later?


what makes this even more “urgent”, is the new draft proposal with IETF that makes 127.1/16-127.255/16 public routable, leaving only 127.0/16 as “localhost/loopback” - watch several “fun” problems inside ISPs that used the 127/8 “loopbacks” as identifiers for their routers


Would be great to see this finally picked-up asap. The standard ( ) should always be to assign a /64 for a server. For a DSL or FttH connection it is even /56. @AdamO or @OVHSupport, can you please provide an update on this? This can cause neighboring VPS’s that misbehave to get your /128 being on a blocklist such as Spamhaus that will only look at /64 blocks which should be the case for all.

Looking forward to seeing a positive reply.

Kind regards,



@OVH Support: will somebody be finally picking this up and provide some answers here? An answers other than “no ETA”. This is just industry standard so should be implemented.

@OVH Support : est-ce que quelqu’un va enfin prendre le sujet en main et répondre ? Et pas de réponse de type “pas de visibilité sur la mise en place” : ceci est simplement un standard d’industrie et doit donc être adopté.


I expect this to be provided when there aren’t IPv4 IPs available anymore… still in the future ;(


And then:



As ipv4 prices are officially increasing (fair enough), as VPS prices are also increasing (still fair enough), and as we are invited to use FREE IpV6, it’s not acceptable nor manageable that we do not get the official /64 specs for IPv6, and still do not have an ETA.




A /64 per customer/server is a must!