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IPV6 Support for vRack


Are there any plans to allow/add support for IPV6 on the vRack so we can have floating ipv6 ips?


Hi Luis,

This is something we’re looking into based on customer feedback but as of now there is no ETA.

I hope this helps,



Hi Craig,

Yes that’s fine, is good to know that is in scope :slight_smile:



It’s just been “in scope” / “planned” for more than a year now ;(
I recall asking about it somewhere in 2016 already.

What would actually be great, is if you don’t just provision it as a link-local IPv6, but provide proper ROUTED /56 to /64s that’s routed to a firewall IPv6 address… and provide that same on the Dedicated servers,!!


We’ve asked for this many times in the past years. The answer always was that it was being worked on. We are starting to lose our patience on this one, as for us it is a very important feature.


More than 18 months later, no response ;(


Is this at all possible yet?


I’m afraid it’s still not possible to add IPv6 on vrack.


I’m waiting for this to…


Hopefully still waiting ;(