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Is OVH better than AWS?



Our custom website is running on AWS currently and we are facing a lot of problems with it recently. So my question is OVH better than AWS? And is it more affordable than AWS? What are the security features of OVH?


Depends on what and how you are doing things and what is your priorities etc.

I am happy with OVH, for the simple reason I am the sysadmin, the network admin and the security/firewall admin, I don’t need AWS to baby sit me in that regard :wink:


I am using OVH and i will say OVH is better than AWS specially when it comes to the security. I haven’t feel any problem with OVH. It works best for me on top motorcycle helmets and i will highly recommend you to leave AWS and switch to OVH.

The security/firewall admin of OVH is amazing. Good luck.