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Is OVH public Cloud Orchestration and OpenStack working?


I’m finding OVH are advertising features as working (albeit in beta) and then spending days troubleshooting issues only to find out these features either aren’t implemented or broken.

Examples include:

  • Floating IP addresses and Virtual Routers. Whilst advertised as being in Beta, OVH does state that these can be used on the GRA and SBG Regions. After checking quotas on these regions it appears this is not possible. Emailing support to ask questions about having quotas increased is greated with a you need to speak to the guys at labs. Emailing the guys at labs results in no response.

  • Broken Openstack Orchestration. Following the official OVH documentation for deploying infrastructure with openstack heat, this should work and it does partially, but the following happens when you attempt to deploy a template.
    The create stack command times out after about a minute with a “Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID …”. The stack is created, but this error causes serious issues when you are trying to make use of automated solutions.

Is anyone else experiencing issues? Does anyone else know what the roadmap is for having this fully rolled out and operational?


Is anyone else experiencing issues?

Yes, I encounter the same issue (“Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID …”) with OpenStack Orchestration.
In general the orchestration API is quite slow. Often, the deleted stacks stay in “deleted_complete” state for several minutes (instead of not being there anymore).


I have been trying to use Terraform to orchestrate my network but no success.
Keep getting resource not found on even the simplest thing, such as creating keypair.
Any ideas?