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Is the Plesk License included?



Today I tried to launch an instance with Debian/Plesk and after install Plesk tells me it’s not licenced. No email arrived with a license either like it does with a VPS.

I tried to purchase a licence through the OVH control panel but it doesn’t show the IP of the cloud server and if I allocate a failover IP and try to get the license against that, it tells me Plesk doesn’t seem to be installed.

Should the license come with this server or do I need to purchase it seperately?


Hello @WilliamN,

It depends on the VPS. Can you please give me your VPS reference? I will check if you have the licence available (if yes, it needs to be activated in your Control Panel).



Hi @Francois,

This is a public cloud instance, not a standard VPS. I had deleted the instance but have just recreated it so you can check.

I have a VPS and the license came through by email however when creating the image for the cloud instance, there are no emails and the license has not appeared in the control panel. WHen trying to purchase a licence it does not show the IP of this instance for me to allocate the license.

The only reference I can find is c2761137f2a342cb8733baa144c58c47





On Public Cloud, licence must be taken by yourself toward Plesk directly. You can install Plesk using our automatic template but you’ll have to install manually your licence.

Licence is only included on VPS Cloud, not on Public Cloud.



through plesk directly the licenses are much more expensive.
Is there any way to buy it from ovh for public cloud instance?



Hi Bulent,

It is currently not possible to license Plesk via OVH for the public cloud.
I’ll forward this as feedback to our team, maybe it will be possible in the future.


Thanks for the update @MatthewC
What about on Soyoustart servers? Can I install something like vmware there and install licensed plesk there? Or maybe direct plesk install on hardware (without vm)?



Both are possible.
You can run a Plesk install as a VM inside ESXi, and then license it via SYS, or you can install one of our Plesk templates directly on the server.


Is plesk license included in SYS Dedicated server ? I remember it was some time ago but it asks me about licence now on fresh installation.


Hi @MariuszS

The license must be purchased separately in all situations, it is never included with the server



I’m also want to know about Plesk License and if have this version. And how can it install and what are the features included.
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