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It is written that server Delivered in in 120s - I wait more than 12 hours and still do not!


I paid for the server! Where is my server? It was written that the server is provided automatically “Delivered in: 120s” it’s been 12 hours already, but there’s no server! order 86373566
money was taken from the my credit card, I hired programmers to produce the whole installation over the weekend, but there is no server.
I specially chose the datacenter, where you are told what is provided for 120s.
Why do you have false information that the server is provided for 120s?
why do you suddenly have to check my payment manually? I have been your client for more than three years this is one of the many servers that I rent from you and you never did any manually checks of my payments. I paid with a credit card, which is authorized in payment methods and from it I already paid for the other my rented servers. Why did it get to validate when i take new server?
Why is it nowhere written that you are delaying the installation of the server due to payment verification?
How speed up the verification procedure?


after 36 hours I wrote in support:
since you did not provide the server within the time period indicated by you, completely unreasonably placing our payment for verification - we are forced to ask to postpone the lease of the server and provide it to us on the morning of March 17 or March 16, and accordingly begin to consider its lease from that date. Because otherwise the server will be idle for a week because of your fault, since we can only perform server installation work on the weekends.

As a result , they completely ignored my messages and provided the server today 60 hours after the order! - that is, with your unjustified verification and then completely ignoring our requests, caused us direct losses for us and idle server for week!


Yes, OVH Support is extremely unreliable!


Wow thats what im having now for the last 24hours, I’m so mad.
And they are ignoring me, they can take your money but dont give nothing back instead.
i mean, at least dont lie it says 120 seconds…
I got scammed by OVH also.


2 orders : 89403470
and 89379502
I hope some “OVH ANGLE” gonna see this post, and make it speed up asap.


Hello @DannyG & @LyubovN,

May I apologise for the delay in the delivery of your order.
When ordering a product, all orders are subject to a fraud check.
From time to time an order may be flagged for validation by our automated system for our customer security team.
This is to protect you as the customer and ensure all orders made are legitimately done so by yourself. Our validation team work Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM. When an order is pending manual validation, the payment has not yet been taken from your bank - instead it has only been authorised/is pending. Once an order has been processed it is only then that the time period will start.
If you have any questions please reply to @Ollie or send me a DM.



Hello @Ollie

What about our case? We are an OVH customer for many years maintaining numerous Virtual and bare metal servers. We have placed an order for a bare metal server on 11th of May but the server has never been delivered to us and we have received no reply to our tickets concerning this matter. The server was supposed to be delivered within 10 days from the order. It has been already more than a month and no news regarding this order. It is really frustrating to have paid for an order and not knowing the delivery status and the Merchant to ignore you.