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Keep getting kicked back to login through OWA


This relates to our Microsoft Exchange service hosted by yourselves.

I have spent most of the day today attempting to log in, only to either be kicked straight back to the login screen from the login screen with no error message (despite login being successful), or be logged in and then within 30-40 seconds (halfway through drafting an email) get kicked back out to the login screen again.

This is not the first day on which this has happened, and from previous experience this issue seems to occur for only limited time periods; but this is a business email address and I need to access my emails to work.

I am accessing the OWA at, using Chrome Version 65.0.3325.181 (though the issue occurs in Microsoft Edge as well) and have tried clearing cache on all my browsers before reloading the site.

Any thoughts on anything else we can try?


Have you tried to connect using an email client? At least for debugging purposes.
You might want to contact support through a ticket since this forum doesn’t seem to be constantly monitored by the OVH support.


Thanks Emil - I realised after posting that this was mostly community over support; felt a bit silly :wink:

Having spent hours faffing around with server settings in an outlook client previously to get my colleague’s OVH email up and running (successfully mind) I’m a bit loathe to go through the same rigmarol again - but will try in thunderbird in any case.

Chances are that will work; I suppose I was posting here more to bring to OVH’s attention that their OWA system seems fairly broken at the moment - and wondered if it was a common issue with a fix. My colleague can still access his emails on the same domain/exchange happily.