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Kernel Moduules


I have an app that looks for the storage drivers used in the OVH linux kernel… usually they’d be in lib modules but no modules there… I ask OVH where the modules are (not an unreasonable question) they respond eventually with a link to building your own kernel which I’ve been doing for over 20 years… I respectfully point out that I don’t need to build a kernel but that I need the modules usually found in /lib/modules/$Kernel-version/ - eventually I get the reply that if I don’t want to use their kernel I should build my own. Now I’m reasonably used to getting the flick from OVH but not bothering to read the question, answer it or even provide a polite response is a new low in poor communication.

This is why I don’t run OVH in production and I manage a lot of servers. I’m aware that there is a higher tier of support if you pay for it, I don’t do that either because I have done it before and found the support no better, you just the the flick on the phone or within an SLA.

So I can’t run the relax and recover DR software unless I build a kernel because there a no kernel modules for the OVH kernel available and they are not going to provide them or even acknowledge you asking for them. Oddly the modules for the rescue system are on the OVH kernel FTP server and they are missing the storage drivers.



Hi @GilesR

I’m sorry to tell you that OVH does not support any kind of customization with the machine, neither software nor kernel in general terms. Not even with the current lowest support payout levels.

OVH focuses on selling only infrastructure, no support / assistance of any kind except hardware problems.

I would recommend you install the stock kernel, the standard of the distribution of your preference (using IPMI / KVM console you can install the distros you want without any problem)

The hard disks should appear in the BIOS of the machine without any problem, if they do not appear, verify that you misconfigured for that to happen or report the contingency to OVH to discard hard disks in poor condition

I hope I have helped or clarified

Carlos Frias SysAdmin