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Kimsufi server crashed



i wanted to restart my kimsufi dedicated server, cause it was freezing for a few seconds before every operation. So i decided to restart it, i typped “reboot” command from SSH, server started to reboot normaly, but later i could not connect to it, nor by SSH, neither by FTP. Generaly it pings, i see in kimsufi control panel its working, but i can not connect to it.
Rebooting from kimsufi panel is risky, because it says its “hard reboot”, cant find anywhere their definition of hard reboot, but i assume it will clear the whole server. Also there is a “netboot”, but when i click it, it says “no netboot” (XD), and i can choose “hard drive”/“network”/“rescue”, and again there is no definition of this terms, so i dont know what it does exactly…
Any clue what to do? ;/
Ofc support dont respond for nearly week… ;/