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Kubernetes / K8s


Hello together,

I would really like to use Kubernetes (k8s) instead of Marathon on OVH infrastructure.

Will there be a option to get a hosted k8s on OVH in future? Or does anyone know a nice way to deploy k8s on OVH public cloud or other services?

Are there other people who would like to use k8s on OVH?
Please tell me your opinion about this idea.




We are considering k8s as a possible next step for micro-services management.
Would you consider using k8s as a preinstalled service where you have to administrate and update the platform once the initial setup done or as a managed service where we do that for you ?

Best regards,



I like the idea of a managed service like GKE.

But what do you mean with “k8s as a preinstalled service”?
Does this mean a new image like the gitlab one?



I am here today to represent the OVH team working hard to offer you the full Kubernetes experience, without the hassle of maintaining the software and infrastructure on which your workloads are running.

We would like to get some details about you use-cases to fine-tune our future offering.
So if you are looking for a solution to orchestrate containers, please click here : and take the short survey.

Giving us your nic-handle (username) at the end will also allow us to give your early access to the beta (this summer) !

Thanks in advance for your remarks ans feedback !



Do you have any update on this? I would like to test your k8s services…