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Kubernetes on dedicated server + vrack + public ip's


so i have a vrack with some dedicated servers i also have a few ip blocks.
im using metallb to connect k8s with the local network i use internaly.
but im struggeling to get a Public ip connected to k8s.
i tryed out metallb
i tryed out External ip and configure the ip on the k8s boxes.
but both approaches have failed.

i hope someone has an idea how i would take this any further.

Kind regards


Yeah so for those seeing this on the first search result and not getting anywhere –

Managed to get it working by adding public IPs to each dedicated node in addition to using kube-router since it allowed for networking on that lower layer and routed things correctly.

Netplan example:
Kuberouter/metallb example:

Would probably be simpler to do DHCP and have it act as a gateway if I wanted to remake this build instead of assigning a public IP to each node, but then that goes into possibly giving up HA and more networking and …blah, I like deploying helm charts and customers :stuck_out_tongue: