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KVM console doble characters typed


Hello, I’m having issue accessing windows machines in through KVM console - either horizon or OVH panel. When trying to type anything, the characters are doubled, for example typing notepad returns nnootteeppaadd. It’s system independent, tried on Linux and Windows machines. In fact I’ve realized it works on Firefox but not on Chrome related browser. It could be investigated or fixed somehow?


Hi Jonathan,

Double characters coming in KVM/IPMI is something that is typically outside of our control. It is typically on a browser/software level. We’ve noticed Chrome in particular has issues with this.

Please try using a different browser and making sure that Java/your browsers are up to date.

In the event that you are getting double characters on every way you try to connect, please contact our support team and we’ll try help you out from there.



Hi, I experienced the same issue.

I use Opera and i get the double caracters too. It works with Firerox, this is only solution right now i gues.


A recent update to Firefox seems to have given it the same problem as Edge and Chrome, and it doubles/triples key presses now. Are there any other solutions? It makes the KVM practically useless as password entry is ridiculously difficult.


Use Internet Explorer. It’s still present in Windows 10


Dear Craig,
I cannot log in my Webmail anymore. I didnt change anything and it did work perfectly before. Bad thing: it seems my mailbox is full and I need to delete. I dont get any e mails anymore and I’m depending on my emails for my job. Please HELP !!!
Best Katja