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License Windows Server on Guest


I’ve a dedicated server with a Windows 2019 Standard license, running an hypervisor (hyper-v).

I cannot find the way to activate windows on guest VMs. Windows STD allows to license TWO Windows VMs. It seems that the KMS of OVH does not allow to activate the guests but only the parent…
I need to use all Windows included in my license.

any idea?


I have the same problem, i have found some solution here,


This will now allow me to use the license that I’m paying to OVH. This is a sort of hacking.

In fact, OVH is providing a Windows license, but OVK KMS will not allow to use it to activate the 2 VMs included in the MS License.

no words


Hi @topogigio

There are other ways but it depends on removing the internet from the machine to remove the EVAL version and make modifications in the system registry without changing the KMS.

This would have a cost in case you want it to be done as an independent service

Well, OVH does not offer technical support for this, the servers are unmanaged



You need to deploy AVMA keys after setting up the Hyper-V role.