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Login blocked because 2FA SMS never arrives


I had to create a 2nd account here because the 2FA text message is never sent to my phone. My domain expired yesterday because of it! Could not renew or transfer it because there was no way to login.

Would someone care to explain what is going on?


Hi @JuusoA,

I just got back to you in a private message.



I’m having the exact same problem here. Can’t log in because SMS never arrives.

Is there a solution to this?


Same, can’t login because no SMS. I have never before had this problem. Of course I have lost my security codes. I can only hope that SMS some day will work.



if you no longer have the emergency codes, I invite you to contact support on Twitter or Facebook.

Twitter :

Facebook :



Same issue. Already sent to support my passport scan, bank statements but they say that my ID card is invalid. Created a new account to post here. Pissed me off!
I can’t renew my services!
I have emergency codes but they don’t work


A miracle happened. Today I tried it for maybe twentieth time and SMS arrived.
When I managed to login I immediately saved the emergency codes and added another authentication method