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Managed Kubernetes LoadBalancer is not activated


after creating a loadbalancer service in Kubernetes a Loadbalancer instance is created in the OVH CustomerCenter:

Name ID Region Status IP address
k8s#amvboi#a3e031e8-f670-40f9-9719-e45e19595d70 b49dbada-4d97-44da-9b73-90a78b4b8519 DE CREATED

But the Kubernetes loadbalancer service is not becoming green, because of:
Reason: SyncLoadBalancerFailed
Error syncing load balancer: failed to ensure load balancer: error waiting for load balancer to be active: load balancer creation for “a3e031e8-f670-40f9-9719-e45e19595d70” timed out

Any idea what’s going wrong?



After trying over thousand times. Deploying different LoadBalancer suddenly it works.
No explanation for that. :slightly_frowning_face:


@FlorianB2 I’m having a similar issue. How did you solve that in the end? I’m getting no help from OVH support. They redirect me to this page:

I’m really out of ideas.