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[ Metrics ] Grafana instances upgrade


Dear customers,

OVH Metrics Data Platform⚡ manage for you a free Grafana instance.

By the end of the week we intend to upgrade these Grafana instances in order to:

Following your feedback :blue_heart:, the sign-up process will be simplified, an organisation will be created for the user during the sign-up, so they will be able to work on dashboards faster :bar_chart:. The Warp 10 plugin has also been enhanced with a visual request editor and more intuitive script editor with auto-completion and syntax highlighting :memo:.

To roll this upgrade, we have scheduled a service downtime :construction: on 2018/02/23 10h00 UTC. The estimated duration of downtime is under one hour. During the downtime, other OVH Metrics Data Platform services won’t be impacted.

Best regards,

OVH Metrics Data Platform team