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Migrating a domain outside OVH


I was looking for informations about how to migrate a domain outside OVH without losing any data. I need info about e-mail in particular.
If I start the migration process, is the mail server still available and is it possible to send and receive e-mails, until the process is finished?
Thank you


Hello @FrancescoS1,

It all depends on whether you are migrating all your services or not.

If you are only migrating the domain name, remember to create the DNS zone beforehand at the future registrar and to fill in the IP address of your server as well as the OVHcloud MX fields.

If you have to migrate everything, I invite you to see with your next provider the best way to proceed.



Hi @FabL
we will migrate domain AND mail server to a new provider. They have already told us that we should backup all the messages using a mail client, in order to transfer them to the new server.
What I didn’t understand is what happens during the transfer phase. Is the OVH mail server still available and the messages still there during that period, and we can go on using it, until the completion of the transfer?
Must we backup messages before starting the transfer and wait until the completion, in order to use the new server, because of a deactivation of the OVH service? Is the DNS service available during the transfer?


Hello @FrancescoS1,

If the OVHcloud offer is still active and your MX fields are from OVHcloud, then yes it will work during the transfer.

However, I advise you to use the following method.

First create the mailboxes at your provider, transfer the emails, then change the MX fields and switch to those of your new provider.

Prepare the dns zone at your provider and finally initiate the outgoing transfer of the domain name.

This way you will be sure not to have any outages.

This can be done provided that your next provider allows you to perform all these actions.