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Moving configured Wordpress site between hostings



In OVH I have an old web hosting offer with connected domain (Personal 2010, let’s call it domain A) and second domain registered in OVH (call it domain B). I’ve planned to buy Hosting Perso for domain B and cancel renewing hosting and domain A.

On domain/hosting A I have website made with Wordpress module - is that possible to move it seamlessly from A hosting to new B hosting?

Thanks in advance!


Hello @MateuszG2,

First of all, you will have to make a backup of your site.

  1. Download the directory by connecting to the hosting with FTP:

  2. Download a backup of your database:

You can then do the opposite on the new hosting.

  1. Import the directory by connecting via FTP.

  2. Creating a database :

  3. Importing your backup:

  4. And then point your domain name to the new hosting by adding it as a multisite.

Do you have e-mails that also need to be stored?



Thanks @FabL for bringing me it in one piece! :slight_smile: And no, there is no need to moving my emails.