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Moving failover ips to different vps - vps not shown in manager as option?


hi i’ve got an ovh vps and have just bought a newer one. i want to move my failover ip addresses from the old ovh vps to the new ovh vps. but when i click “move ip” it doesn’t show to the option to move the failover ip the new vps, it just gives an option to move to itself or to parking, and the new vps is not listed. anyone got any ideas?


I’ve got similar issue. I cannot find an option to move FO IP between two new VPS servers.
Just the server it is bound to and parking.


yes that’s exactly my problem. i’ve asked support but waiting for an answer.


Hi @RolandS1 & @PiotrD1

Open a ticket with the case and you will get an efficient response, at least it should not take more than 72 hours. You report it as case type “Another request”

It happened to me and they solved it efficiently, you can also call the OVH phone number, which will help you prioritize the case

Carlos Frias


I found out that your VPS servers must be in the same location to move the FO IP between them. Mine were in two different.

Ii works for me after I added another one in one of my locations.



Indeed, if you want to move IP between VPS, both VPS need to be located in the same country.

ERI >> SBG = Will not work (one is in UK and the other is in France)
ERI >> ERI = It will work (both in UK)
SBG >> GRA = It will work (both in France)