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Multiple domains on one server, should I set the IP Reverse to one particular domain?


When I first set up my Kimsufi server I must have gone into the control panel settings and set my ipv4 and ipv6 reverse to my primary website at the time ( in an effort to make my site visible, but I’m not sure if it was necessary.
I got it up and running, and since then I’ve started hosting another website on my server.

It just seems a bit odd that my reverse is set to a particular domain name relating to my server when I have 2 domains, and when I recently ran a traceroute test I was reminded of this when the end point led to my original site’s domain. I think it was originally ‘’ (but with numbers instead of x’s).
Assuming I have my domain names configured correctly, should I set the IP reverse back to ‘nsxxxxxx.ip-xxx…’ ? It’s also my server’s hostname.


Hi @TomW1

You can only put one Reverse record per hostname (usually the server’s subdomain or server name)

No to private domains or websites unless each domain has a dedicated IP individually

So for example, you must select a domain among your domains in which to create a type A record to create the server name (in other words, a hostname)

It can be server.tom.tld for example, and that “subdomain” must point to the IP of the server, if you are using IPv6 (if it works, if it ping correctly) then you must also create the AAAA type record with its corresponding IPv6

Once this is done in your DNS/domain administrator, you can set Reverse Records (rDNS) in your OVH Control Panel without any problem.

I hope I have helped or clarified

Carlos Frias (SysAdmin)


Hey, thanks for sharing these information, it’s really helpful for every reader


great thread very Much confusion has been now cleared.