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Multiple errors on Hubic


I am trying to download files and I have stored on Hubic and am getting many failures both with rclone and the web interface, on rclone I get ‘Failed to open source object: object not found’ with the web interface, it says downloading, then nothing happens. I have submitted two emails to help@ but get no reply.


Same here. My “solution” retry copy and pray, sometimes the error number is lower… :-/


Its time someone took Hubric to court to seek compensation for the Horror Hubic Show service. I cannot retireve my files…Im looking into a European Law suit against this God Damn awful company…These charletons offer no professional service either with support or physical service. help. this company is useless I would imagine 80% of customers lose much of thier data because they cannot retireve the data. My lawyer told me that it is likely HUBRIC WILL SHUT DOWN as many law suits are being filed against them…and then what happens to our data…? Huge problem with the French twats help