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My e-mails end up in spam


Many of the e-mails I send to my customers end up in spam. This is usually the first email I send to someone. Or someone writes to me asking for an offer, I write back and it ends up in spam. When we exchange a few messages, it’s okay, but often one will end up in spam again. As a result, I lost many interested parties who noticed my meil in spam after a month and reported the problem to me. Unfortunately, not seeing my answers, they decided to work with someone else.

I have mail on OVH - Roundcube, but connected to Gmail. Im writing emails from Gmail.

Another problem is that messages appear on Roudcube and after around 3 hours they are redirected to Gmail and appear on the Gmail. It is too long!

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong here?
I will be grateful for help.



I currently have the same problem. Did you/someone find a way to avoid this problem?

I thank you all for your answers.


Hi @MariaN & @FrancoisW

Check if your domains have correctly registered their DKIM, DMARC, SPF and if the server IP points correctly to a good and valid rDNS that resolves properly

This would solve the problem of messages that arrive in the spam tray

Providers like Hotmail and Gmail have a monopoly on this

Carlos Frias


I am having the SAME issue, but it’s been going on for 7 months. All email being sent from my server going to Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, US Government servers, etc. are going to spam/junk. I have contacted outside sever help and they say the OVH IP block that my server is on is associated as a known spammer. My IP is clear and not blocked/banned. I also contacted cPanel so the can look into it and they say the SAME exact thing. They suggested I get a new IP address for the server and try again.

From cPanel:


My name is Joshua and I have picked up your ticket at this time.

cPanel’s technical support team has no control over your server’s IP reputation. We have confirmed that the SPF and DKIM are good, and the only clear issue is that the IP Range is on a known blacklist for reputation problems. It is advised to reach out to your host regarding this issue.
Joshua Browning
Technical Analyst II
cPanel, L.L.C.



Same for me and OVH says nothing about it… a little bit sad…