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My VPS went down with "Saving" status


And there is absolutely no information on what is “Saving”. Earlier today (a few hours ago) I bought an automatic backup service, but given the scheduled time I don’t think it is a backup. It would be way too stupid to set up a backup service in such a way that it will down the entire VPS completely.

Can anyone help me with this? Since yesterday I have had so many troubles with OVH that I really consider moving to another platform. All I want is to ensure that the server won’t go down. Can anyone help me to get rid of these “Saving” activities whatever that means?



The same for my VPS today: Status Saving…
Is not possible to access server. OVH restart options are throwing an error "An error has occurred requesting to reboot."
I have a support ticket for this, but no action.


I have exactly this problem today .I have raised a support ticket, but since we are out of hours have to wait for them to respond.