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Network bandwidth & quality of service


Greetings to OVHcloud & Community!

I did not buy dedicated server from OVH before. Looking for experience, what “Public bandwidth: 1Gbps unmetered” does mean in practice?

For example, a service needs 80 Mbps bandwidth 365/24. May I count on it, if I choose “1Gbps unmetered”? Or should I choose “1Gbps unmetered and guaranteed”?

What I found here, says “minimum” and not “guaranteed”. Since there is “guaranteed” bandwidth, what costs like a server itself, I have a bit of fear, “1Gbps unmetered” / “minimum 500Mbps” means a server can lose its internet connection totally, and that is still a quality of service. Am I wrong? Or is there any little “guaranteed” part of “1Gbps unmetered”?

Some clarification will be great.

Thx & Cheers,