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Nevermind I just canceld the order. Customer support is just too bad


Hi, This is my first time using ovh as a hosting service and I am very confused. After I have put down my order for a ssd vps I have waited 3 hours just to get an email that they got my order? After another 3 hours i had to send some kind of docummentation , which I did . Its been a day now and I still have not gotten any emails and my order status is still “Awaiting documents”. Im just wondering how long does it take to confrim my god damn documents. Like please I just want my vps.

And sorry if this is the wrong section for this but its just too confusing for me and this seemed like the place.



I can only confirm that. It is terrible.
I still don’t understand why activating a VPS is so complex


I ordered on Saturday night, and uploaded the documents straight away. It’s now Monday night and no sign of anything happening.

Fair play if you don’t work on Sunday, but what have you been up to all day today?

My other hosting company replies to everything in about 30 minutes, day/night/Sunday/Christmas, whatever.


OVH support seems really really bad! I opened a ticket 2days ago and no reply. My other hosting company has a chat and replies within minutes. I don’t think I will stay with OVH for too long!


same. money gone. no server. no support.


same here , i want to cancle my order & delete my account


5 days passed, and I didn’t get my order , and no response from the support !!!