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New dedicated server processing


Hey, I’m a new customer for OVH and I bought a server several hours ago and still have yet to receive it. I opened up a support ticket and no one seemed to answer, so I resorted to asking here.

Don’t give me the classic answer of “checking for payments”, I’ve paid a lot for this server and to see it being “processed” for hours on end with my players waiting is such a pain.

Order number 142895389. Please someone check up on this for me.


good luck, i have been waiting over 2 week, submitted multiple support requests and called tech support in 2 countries and still no help.


@Ollie @AdamO

Hey, I’m still waiting on this.

I paid good money for this server just to be ignored by support?



Sorry but in this matter I am unable to offer assistance as I am site reliability engineer for the public cloud product.

I am sorry to hear that your ticket / your order has not been processed yet, however a quick way to tell if the order might be delayed is if on the website the server with the same exact specification has long delivery time for the datacenter you have chosen. It could indicate we don’t have the server ready to go as we could be waiting for delivery or if you customized the server, the parts are needed and customization is pending.

My recommendation would be is to give customer support a call to find out the status of your order. They could tell you exactly what the situation is with your order.


Thank you for the reply, I’ll see what calling up customer support will do for me. :slight_smile:


Hey, so I just contacted customer support and they opened a ticket for me in which it was going to be shown what time I may get my server delivered. I’ve been waiting 4 hours after they opened the ticket to get back to me and I’ve got absolutely nothing.


Nevermind! Support have helped me and given me an approximate date.

To anyone else having this issue - I recommend calling customer support.