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New Members thread


Feel free to introduce yourself here to the OVH community!

I’m Jamie Hakurei, someone who runs a site on OVH’s shared hosting and I am currently satisfied with the service. :slight_smile:


Sure, why note :slight_smile: I’m Jay and have run dedicated servers on OVH/Kimsufi/SoYouStart for years. I also use the Object Store service. Love it all.


A huge warm welcome to you both! We’re glad that you’re pleased with our service :slight_smile:

Technical Guide Writer


Hi I have ovh hosting, I connected with Filezilla. Issue is that I haven’t permissions to write - I can’t create directory., permissions denied. When I try chmod 777 it give error command not supported. How to configure Filezilla?


Most likely this is not a FileZilla configuration issue. Also you should never set chmod 777 anywhere. You should contact OVH Support through tickets or even by phone and request help to fix this.


Hello I am david been with OVH for a while I am liking the new forum software better than the old one PS I am guessing this is discourse



My name is Genevieve - I am new to all of this but pretty good at working my way around Wordpress… Just trying to learn EVERYTHING. Spoiler alert… The content is drowning me so far!


hello Friends i am new here before i bought One VPS Server for one month but i have not used. because i did’t understand anything about OVH hosting Panel. My Sites on wordpress I need Cpanel. Php 5.6 IonCude Cron Jobs,. After i can move my site easily… OVH have no chat support my wish OVH start Chat Support, If anyone can help me i will buy Dedicated Server.


hi, l am peter and was introduced to ovh today.l have just purchased one month for a trail of my pbx.what next after purchased.


Hello im new, can someone help what i need for OVH VPN?


thanks a lot